A FOUND SOUND (sampling)

Using a 'found sound' in early 80s was the real breakthrough which started a new Era of the electronic sound used on records back then.

In 2007 edition SOS published another great article/interview with John Foxx - Ultravox lead singer and Electronic Synth legend, who is taking us through making of Depeche Mode 'People Are People' where he is discussing in details the revolutionary (at those times) sampling methods they used to create a new sound.  

...''Martin made a demo for 'People Are People' — it was also the first time the band had done a pre-production session — and this had one ambient sound that he'd recorded with a Walkman on an airplane; a bit of laughter and noise. He looped this up on the demo, and we decided to somehow recreate that sound, but it was impossible to recreate because it was a 'found sound', full of texture and rhythm, so we ended up using what was on the demo. Nobody thinks anything of that now — found sounds are used all the time — but back then it was a bit of a breakthrough for us.''

- SOS Soundonsound -  READ

Published February 2007

Recording by Richard Buskin

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