When you are composing the music, the next desire is to explore the world of Sound design. Naturally your interest will be directed into Modular Synthesis...The topic seems complicated for the beginners, but if you are in loved in synth sound and would like to start somewhere, Reverb came with a great article and Video to support you in your Modular Synthesis journey. You probably have researched tones of articles, everyone gives you different ideas of what to start with to expand your semi -modular toy, your brain is about to explode.... don't worry! At the end of the day it's what you feel is right for you! The choices you will make will depend on what kind of sound/music you wish to design etc. Here is the article and the Video to summarise your  headache. Enjoy!

To read article click the link below:

Expanding Your Semi-Modular Synthwith Eurorack Modules

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